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Tournament Champs, Annual Sale, T-Giving Schedule


Good morning, Competitors & Families!

Amazing job on the mat this weekend. We had an amazing 2 days of competition

1. Please share your pics with us on Facebook

2. We'll have a group pic this Saturday, November 19 at the Academy at 12:30 pm. Please wear your full uniform and awards. These pics will be sent to our local magazines/ newspaper.

3. Wear your medals & Tournament shirt everyday to classes this week.

4. If you'd like, have friends who competed with you & your favorite instructors sign your shirt to commemorate this momentous occasion.


We are holding our annual holiday sale this week!! We are doing it a little different this year and ordering all week rather than one day. We are holding the sale Tuesday-Sat. If you have any questions about what to get you can come in for special shopping hours this Thursday from 10 am-4:30 pm. We are holding regular classes in the evening all week.


Thanksgiving Week Schedule

Monday and Tuesday regular class schedule

Wednesday special PreTgiving classes

5 All Tiger Cubs

5:30 All Juniors

6:30 All Youth and Adults


My instructor Master Bowen sent this out to her students and I wanted to share the great message:

Whether we left with a medal or not, you are victorious! Remember, this team PLANNED for success, PREPARED for success, PRACTICED for success, PERFORMED for success. Did we experience moments of adversity? Yes, always. Our ability to adapt and overcome will always be challenged. Our trust in our strategies and strengths will always be challenged. Even though we face an opponent, our greatest opponent is ourselves to trust our training and SHINE! Didn't win? Ask for feedback! Won? Ask for feedback! Our goal as a martial artist is to continue to improve. Remember, Perfection doesn't exist but EXCELLENCE is achievable. Who knows, judging by the close scores I saw, you could have been a 1/2 point from placing!

Here's my example: my Pop taught me to fly-fish and wouldn't take me to the pond until I could hit a bowl in the yard. I was so proud! I fished and fished with no real big results. One day, I could see that swell in the water. Bigger swell than I'd seen and my Pop & I knew that had to be a great, big bass. All morning, we chased that same fish all around the pond. Hours in the boat flew by and I just knew I was going to catch it. I could feel that victory coming because Pop was excited too. Then, just like that, a kid I went to school with walked up and cast his puny little rod-and-reel. To my dismay, he caught "my" fish in under 5 minutes. I was so mad mostly because I'd practiced for hours in the yard and had been trying to catch that fish all day. But no, I lost to someone who didn't have my "skill" (haha) and he didn't even put any time into catching that awesome fish. I instantly brought in my line and requested to go home. This attitude made my Pop mad and he said, "my granddaughter isn't a quitter, you put your line back out there right now." What I wanted him to say was, "hey kid, put that fish that my granddaughter has been working hard on back in the pond." I reluctantly obeyed and put my line back out there and pouted. Believe me, he corrected that pout, too! We fished the rest of the day, catching some little guys, but nothing the size of my "stolen" fish that the kid proudly ran away with as soon as he caught it. We fished many more Saturdays and caught plenty of big ones, maybe even bigger! But, I never saw that kid come back out there again. I guess he was "one and done." Now that I think about it, the poor kid was out there alone and I had my Pop. I had memories, pride, challenges, love and many, many fish. I think I just might have won! I wonder if that other kid even remembers the day he caught my fish. Probably not. This memory of mine is very much how I remember my 22 year competition career. Those years full of wins and losses, but mostly of my family cheering for me, consoling me, challenging me and that is WINNING!

As your Instructor, I can tell you this: I couldn't be more proud of the performance you all gave and the character you exhibited. Families, thank you for your amazing love & support! On behalf of your kids, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to compete. You're all TRUE champions!



2228 Holly Springs Pkwy Canton, GA 30115
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Tiger Rock Martial Arts has proudly been serving South Canton and Holly Springs since 2004.  We teach age specific classes for Tiger Cubs (4-6), Juniors (7-10), Youth (11-15), and Adults (16+)  Tiger Rock Martial Arts Kids Martial Arts classes provide a fast-paced, fun filled, self-defense workout that helps them grow in a positive, well-disciplined, yet challenging way. Our Black Belt instructors will build a strong foundation of self-esteem, and respect that can be transferred tor academics, sports, arts, and social activities.


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Taekwondo has lifted me and my son for the past three years.  We have gained confidence, sportsmanship, and friendships.  Taekwondo has taught us much more than self-defense!
Lana O'Bryant
Holly Springs, GA
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